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As I hope you’ve seen, we’ve recently been busy working on our new Epperson’s website. One of my chores in getting ready to launch was to collect a few pieces we’ve made over the years to photograph and feature on our gallery page.  Honestly, it seemed like adding a logistical nightmare to my to-do list. In the end, however, something wonderful happened. It was part history lesson, part trip down memory lane, and part inspiration. In reaching out to our customers, I got to hear the stories of when, how, and why these pieces came to be. I heard about the first engagement ring that my father ever made. I saw pieces for the first time that were made in my childhood. I got to see one dear customer’s jewelry collection that, once again, reminded me how ridiculously talented my father truly was.  I heard stories of families, births, celebrations, trips, and anniversaries.

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I have always loved the jewelry business, but never had the opportunity until now to reflect on why I love it so much. I mean, I love diamonds and gemstones, and gold is my favorite color. (It is a color, right?) I love that our craft is truly “handmade”. I love that I get to work with my mother every day. I love that our jewelers knew me when I was just a little girl, and that they called me “Ellie Mae.” However, this still doesn’t get to the real reason I love this business.

You see, we often meet our customers at the beginning of their journey. Their first purchase may be a Christmas gift or an engagement ring. We get to hear about the person receiving the gift, what that person is like, and why the giver loves them so much. From there, we are privileged to build relationships based on life’s next set of milestones. We develop a wonderfully unique friendship.  We have seen children grow up and spouses die. We have laughed and cried with our customers. This is the reason I love this business. We are in the business of celebrating life!

Jewelry connects people, and so I enjoy hearing and sharing the stories that go with these beautiful pieces.  I can’t think of a single time we made a piece of jewelry “just because”. Whether inspired by love or a fond memory, there is almost always an element of sentiment, and a story attached in our work.

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There is a special ring in my family that belonged to my great-great grandmother. The story has it that my great-great grandfather traded a horse for the diamond, and it has been passed down through the women in the family ever since. I have it now, and will one day give it to my daughter, Viola Belle. Viola Belle was named after the original owner of the ring, my great-great grandmother.

Jewelry connects people. We hope to make connections for your own family, as well.


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