Small Business Saturday is BIG

As I’m sure you’re aware, Small Business Saturday is tomorrow, November 28th.  You may not be aware, however, what the day actually means to a small business.  For us, it is more than a catchy phrase aimed at getting folks to spend their holiday shopping dollars locally.  When you own or work in a small business every dollar counts, whether coming in or going out. Every sale counts. Every customer counts.

In 2016 Epperson’s Custom Jewelers will celebrate our 40th year in business. 40 years!! I am incredibly proud of this milestone and you’ll hear more about it in future posts. I’m also humbled that our customers have continued to support us for so many years. When my parents took that giant leap of faith all those years ago, I’m sure they had no idea what was in store for them. There have been good times and lean times, but this business has always been at the heart of our family. There is no magic recipe for being successful in small business. If there were, my father have would probably said it was a combination of determination, not being afraid of failure, and faith. In his case, talent, notwithstanding.

When you own a small business you are responsible for insuring that the lights stay on and that the employees get paid( we are nothing without our employees). You are responsible for creating a product or supplying a service that you’re proud to put your name on. You are responsible for making sure that every customer leaves happy. When you own a small business you are, in some way, offering something to the larger community that can’t be found elsewhere. When you own a small business you put your heart and soul into every step necessary to thrive.

So, when you are shopping around tomorrow, and during the rest of the season, please go visit those local retailers that provide so much for your community. Spend your dollars on gifts that can’t be found in the big stores. I assure you that someone, whom you will most likely see when you walk in the door, has very thoughtfully and deliberately made or chosen that “perfect” gift you find there.

Happy Shopping!Door

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