Like mother, like daughter


Recently, we had the opportunity to design a ring for a lovely young lady.  The ring was to be a gift in celebration of her high school graduation. Her mother came to the shop armed with some special pieces of family jewelry to be used for their gold and diamonds. After a little brainstorming, it was clear that my customer might just be as sentimental as I am! She was wearing a beautiful, white gold filigree diamond and sapphire ring that was given to her for her high school graduation. We decided to use that ring for inspiration. We created a ring that is similar in style and shape, but customized it to suit her daughters taste. We chose yellow gold with a lab created sapphire as the centerpiece. This combination made for a gorgeous piece.  To me, the best part of this story is that there are two younger daughters that will, one day, make the same choices for their own rings. Like mother, like daughter, like daughter, like daughter. I love this!



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When I was a senior in high school all that I ever wanted  was one of those standard issue 10KT class rings with a synthetic birthstone in the center.  Now, there was no way in the world that my parents were going to buy me one. I remember my teen aged dreams being completely crushed. I rebounded, however,  as soon as I opened a little box at graduation. In it was a wide gold band with my monogram. My father had rolled out a flat piece of gold (melted from my grandparents wedding bands) and sawed out my initials by hand (that was the only way to do it back then). He then rounded it, soldered and polished it, and hand-engraved the detail work. Twenty something years later, and even though my initials have changed, I still wear it often. It’s one of my most precious possessions. Thanks to my parents for having that kind of jewelry insight!


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