So Long Summer ~ Hello Fall


I can’t believe that summer has come and gone! Why is it still so hot? Anyway…

I thought it would be fun to share a few things that we’ve been working on over the “dog days”. We’ve been busy helping to mark some pretty incredible milestones! Engagements were made. Birthdays were celebrated. Anniversaries were given the proper fanfare. One piece marked a lifetime of love. Still another, combined elements from several generations to become a statement piece beyond its beauty.  As I’ve said before, the stories are just as unique as the jewelry!


One more thing to share before we head off to the weekend…

The other day I was working with a customer to redesign a ring left to her by her beloved mother-in-law. My father made the ring,  probably, 30 years ago. As we were discussing the new ring, we settled on a more simple cigar band style. It will be  more suited to her taste, but still incorporate diamonds from her mother-in-law’s ring. After we had drawn out her new ring I told her that I had recently seen some cigar band designs while looking through my father’s sketch book. My sweet customer was my father’s customer WAY before she was mine, so I thought she would enjoy seeing his sketches. While I was flipping to the correct page we spotted this sketch:fullsizerender-6

Can you believe it? Among all the many sketches in his book, we came across the original sketch for the ring that we were remaking! I love when things like this happen here at the shop. It’s like he’s winking at me!

Happy Weekend!

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